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Build Arm and Grip Strength

The Forearm-Lift uses EMS technology to deliver electrical impulses directly to your arm muscles, causing them to contract and relax. This type of targeted stimulation can help increase muscle and grip strength, allowing you to perform better in a variety of activities, from weightlifting or boxing to rock climbing.

Tight and Veiny Forearms: With regular use, the Forearm-Lift can help tighten and tone your forearm muscles, giving you a more defined and sculpted appearance. As your muscles contract under the electrical stimulation, blood flow increases, causing your veins to become more visible.

Convenient and Easy to Use: It's called the Forearm-Lift, but is equally effective when placed on your Bi or Tri. Simply place it on the target area, adjust the settings to your desired level, and let the electrical stimulation work its magic. Perfect for your rest day or pairing with a workout for max efficiency.

(AAA Batteries Not Included)

(Photo is just for reference; Ab-lift not included in this package)

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