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96 Cube Ice Tray

96 Cube Ice Tray

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The simplest way to chill your Ice Bath. 

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Enter the Cold

The sudden drop in temperature awakens your senses, and every cell in your body is jolted to attention. Take a deep breath as the cold water embraces you. For a moment, time seems to stand still, your heart rate quickens, and adrenaline courses through your veins.

The feeling that follows is total calm.

Used by "The Iceman" Wim Hof

Common Questions

When is the best time to cold plunge?

Cold plunge in the morning to wake up the body and mind, increase altertness, and boost your energy throughout the day.

Cold plunge after intense workouts to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

How long to cold plunge?

It is recommended for beginners to start with 5 minutes a week split into 1-3 minute sessions. As you become more comfortable in the cold, you can work your way up to 11 minutes a week split into 1-5 minute sessions.

How do cold plunges affect metabolism?

Cold exposure stimulates the body's thermogenic response, which is the production of heat to maintain core body temperature. The energy required for this process is taken from fat reserves. The result is an increase in metabolism and calorie burn.

How do cold plunges affect dopamine?

Studies have shown cold plunging stimulates a 250% increase in the release of dopamine "the happy hormone". Some narcotics release similar amounts of dopamine but the difference with cold plunging is that the release is sustained over a long period of time rather than a sharp peak.

(Shifoo is in no way affiliated with the use or promotion of any kind of narcotics, the previous comparison was made to highlight the benefits of cold plunging.)

What is brown fat?

Unlike white fat, which primarily functions as a storage depot for energy, brown fat plays a major role in metabolism and heat generation to regulate body temperature. Brown fat is found in specific areas of the body including the neck, back, and around major blood vessels and organs. Adults have less brown fat than children due to lifestyle factors while growing up such as excessive caloric intake, inactivity, and over exposure to warm temperatures. Regular cold exposure has been found to stimulate the conversion of white fat to brown fat, increasing metabolic activity, and allowing the body to feel comfortable in colder temperatures.

Train Hard Recover Harder

Cold therapy causes your blood vessels to constrict, directing the blood away from the surface of your skin and toward your vital organs, promoting deep circulation and oxygenation. As you emerge from the cold plunge, a renewed energy courses through your veins. The increased blood flow and oxygenation leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Your muscles, once sore and fatigued, now feel rejuvenated and ready to take on new challenges.

Used by Jason Momoa